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NEW. 0-100% Dimmable LED Driver with settable current options. Compattible with most leading and tra..
text_tax £15.80

NEW Cleanse Round Recessed Downlight Far-UVC sanitising and Illumination.The Cleanse Downli..
text_tax £1,250.00

NEW Cleanse Square Recessed Downlight UV sanitising and Illumination.The Cleanse Downlight is a ..
text_tax £1,250.00

NEW Fixed 5 Watt White bezel LED Far-UVC Sterlisation Downlight.Unique Design Far-UVC 280 nanome..
text_tax £285.00

NEW Far-UV (UVC) Panel and Air sterilisation treatment Luminaire.We have constructed this panel ..
text_tax £1,400.00