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Weselllight adds BB Brand LED Lighting

BB Light was started by Ian Bibby, who boasts an impressive 40 years of experience in the lighting industry. Having worked on projects at places ranging from Heathrow Airport to the Eden Project, the BB Light founder comes equipped with vast industry experience that will ensure you have all your lighting needs fulfilled.

BB Light: Our Team

The BB Light team of light makers and lighting engineers work to ensure that all our customers are happy with the lighting solutions they get from us. Our expertise in LED lighting means that you’re sure to find just what you want. You can be confident that you’re getting the very best LED light products to suit your needs. Our commitment to creating well-designed LED lighting products ensures our customer satisfaction. Although designing and creating LED lighting solutions can sometimes be especially complex, BB Light have been able to successfully provide customers with great products for accurate, easy installation, and excellent customer service.

BB Light: What We Do

Here at BB Light, we design and manufacture LED lighting products, with manufacturing taking place within the UK. We competently create lighting for a variety of environments, including hotels, homes, and even retail spaces. With BB Light, the variety of products that we create makes it easier for you to find the particular lighting fixture or lighting accessory that you’re looking for, without having to turn to a number of different lighting companies.

BB Light: What Products We Offer

We work to fulfil the lighting needs of our customers. We’re dedicated to producing lighting appliances that truly offer our customers quality and value, through our diverse range of lighting products. BB Light products vary from standard desk lamps to easily adjustable night time reading lamps. Our products suit a variety of specifications, from anti-glare LEDs to LED drivers, and floor standing lamps. BB Light also designs ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, and in floor and in ground LED luminaires. Additionally, we provide both interior and architectural lighting, so whether you’re a company looking for outdoor lighting for your building, or if you’re simply looking for the right type of lighting fixture for your living room, BB Light help you. Whatever your lighting needs are, it’s likely that BB Light will be able to help.

Furthermore, BB Light’s lighting solutions also make for a simple yet stylish addition to your space. We think that lighting should not only be highly practical and efficient, but also offer an aesthetic presence. Other companies may not pay as much attention to this, but at BB Light we know that any lighting appliance you choose for your home or company space should complement the interior feel of a room or outdoor area.

BB Light: Our Special Solutions

As well as our standard range of products, BB Light can offer tailor-made light solutions. We are able to do this due through our comprehensive experience in working in the lighting industry. We choose to offer such solutions as we understand that although a company like BB Light provides many different lighting options, sometimes a unique solution is required. BB Light’s specially created lighting fixtures can fit to your specific demands. So if you require a lighting manufacturer who can create the lighting product you desire, BB Light can help. Some of our one-off lighting projects are quick and simple, whereas others require more time to complete. Nevertheless, BB Light have always created a high standard of workmanship, and we endeavour to continue doing so, whatever the lighting project may be. BB Light is happy to work for commissioned lighting projects, with our history of special products including handmade bespoke LED lights. Our ability to offer individual lighting solutions makes us stand out from the crowd.

BB Light: Our Competitive Prices

Quality lighting doesn’t have to come at a very high cost. At BB Light we produce high quality products that are competitively priced. We hope to efficiently and economically create our lighting products, and consequently pass competitive prices on to you. This is true for our entire range of products, whether the BB Light standard LED products or the BB Light accessories. If you’re used to purchasing lighting equipment that is unreliable or of low-quality, BB Light is the right company for you. We never want to compromise on quality, which is why you can always trust the BB Light brand.

BB Light: Here to Help

Our team at BB Light is always available to offer advice. Whether you’d like recommendations about what lighting products are best for you, or you’re unsure about the installation procedure of some of our products, our knowledgeable team will help you find answers to your questions. We are always happy to help as BB Light wants to make sure that all our customers constantly receive the quality service that they expect. In every individual case, we like to leave our customers satisfied with the customer care they have received.

If you’d like to learn more about BB Light, feel free to browse our products or simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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