Variable White and Digital Dimming

Posted by LEDZ 20/12/2018 0 Comment(s) WSL News,

BB Light have launched their new BB digitally controlled downlights which are dimmable and have variable colour temperature white light or sometimes referred to as "dim to warm". The latter terminology is not fully descriptive of the possibilities as it implies that dimming is required to shift colour temperature. With BB Light digitally controlled drivers it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Any colour between 1800K and 6000K with dimming also operated from the same controller.

Along with dimming It is now possible to replicate the behaviour of an incandescent lamp with the additional benefit of colour temperature as high as 6000K and with colour temperature as low as 1800K. This is which very very warm white! The range of products with this technology will allow for instant control of colour temperature for all applications around ones home and business.


Significantly, BB Light has managed the unit cost per point into an area where the use of this technology becomes affordable and is very very competitive with other control systems. Significant advantages are thus derived for control and programming of installed units and may indeed have the benefit of significant savings as the need for traditionally expensive dimmer control is removed.

The new product embodying this technology will soon be added to the Companies range along with the digital controllers required.

BB Light is convinced that this addition to LED lighting and domestic lighting, in particular, will significantly enhance the interior and architectural finishing.