LED Light Fittings by BB Light

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Why choose LED light fittings?

LED light fittings are increasingly being chosen over more traditional forms of lighting. This is because LED light fittings usually work better and more economically than other options on the market, including incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Both of these older lighting options are now often seen as outdated.

LED light fittings are a great choice if you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly. The small change of choosing to use LED light fittings can have big environmental benefits. At BB Light, we like to think that we are all becoming a bit more eco-conscious, which is why opting for our LED light fittings is such a great option. Furthermore, although there are various types of energy-saving light bulbs out there, there isn’t an alternative quite like the LED light. Our LED light fittings even provide a significant difference in lifespan compared to non-LEDs; they can last up to 100 times longer than traditional light bulbs!



Will LED light fittings suit my space?

If you’re wondering if you can use LED light fittings in your chosen space, the answer is probably ‘yes’! LED light fittings are suitable for a number of spaces, ranging from shop floors to care homes. As LED light fittings are so versatile, they are likely to be a great choice for you. From corporate offices to cosy front rooms, LED light fittings can provide your space with just what you need. Of course, what you want from your LED light fittings will determine the type of fitting you purchase. However, with the versatility that our LED light fittings provide, we’re sure that whatever your requirements, BB Light will be able to find a great solution for you. We can provide dangler LED light fittings, ground LED light fittings, and more decorative LED light fittings.


The brightness of LED light fittings also doesn’t have to be an issue, as LED light fittings are known for their brightness. Good providers of LED light fittings, like BB Light, can even provide dimmable LED light fittings. This option for LED light fittings means that you can create the exact atmosphere you want with one of these environmentally friendly bulbs. If you’re looking for something different to your normal white light, LED light fittings can also come in colours like red, green, blue, and amber. With such a range of choice, there’s no reason to not consider using LED light fittings.


What are some examples of LED light fittings?

Common examples of LED light fittings include:

With changes in the ways we’re using our spaces, modern LED light fittings are not simply limited to ceiling lights. LED light fittings are really a great option for any kind of building, room, or outdoor area you have.


Other examples of some of BB Light’s LED light fittings include:


BB Light’s LED light fittings

Switching to LED light fittings doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as you don’t need special light fittings to use LED bulbs. However, if you’re searching for LED light fittings, BB Light has a range of options for you.

BB Light not only sell LED light fittings to our customers, but we are involved in the creation process from the very beginning. We manufacture LED light fittings, so you can be sure that you’re getting quality LED light fittings from a quality LED light manufacturer. Our involvement in the process helps us to know all about the LED light fittings that might be best for you. We offer you our LED light fittings because we know how good they are and believe in the work we have produced. This also contributes to us giving you good customer service, as we know our products inside out. We are confident the LED light fittings we provide, but if you ever do run into any trouble, our expert team are readily available to help you. You’ll also be pleased to know that our LED light fittings are affordable. We think that your LED light fittings shouldn’t come at an extortionate cost, which is why we give excellent value for money to our customers.

We also use great materials in the manufacture of our LED light fittings. We know that quality materials are important for reliability and length of life. Consequently, we have made an effort to create the best LED light fittings with the best materials for our LED light fittings. We use quality materials like stainless steel, aluminium and toughened glass.

Additionally, our LED light fittings are not just practical, they are also aesthetically pleasing. With sleek lines and elegant designs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any LED light fittings that can really compare to those by BB Light.



Contact BB Light for LED light fittings

If you’re in the market for new LED light fittings, BB Light can help. BB Light would love to get you the LED light fittings that you need. You can contact the experts behind our LED light fittings by calling +44 (0) 20 3327 0385 or by emailing us at hello@bblight.co. We’d be happy to discuss how we can get the best LED light fittings for you.