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You’re probably already aware that BB Light is a UK based LED lighting manufacturer, but you might not be aware that weselllight provides a whole host of quality LED lighting products for you to buy directly where you cannot reach a BB Light stockist.


It can be difficult to find high quality LED lighting products, architectural lighting,recessed LED downlights and so weselllight's online store is here to make sourcing easier for you. With our great LED lighting products including recessed LED downlights you can be certain that you’re receiving lighting that is safe, effective, and fairly priced, as well as of the highest quality and reliability available anywhere.  Furthermore, in addition to our standard LED lighting products, we also offer lighting accessories. So whatever you need when it comes to LED lighting products, weselllight can offer you some truly excellent options. If you’d like to learn more about some of our LED lighting, just keep reading!


What do our most efficient LED Lighting Products Provide?


As we have a great range of LED lighting products, each of our lights provide something different. Nevertheless, despite the various types of LED lighting products we produce and sell, we are confident that all of our LED products will offer you clear and long-lasting lighting. Few places provide the variety that weselllight offer with short lead times. We are able to give our customers such great options because we manufacture in the UK and have stock of components required to assemble order fast. As manufacturers of LED lighting and long-term suppliers in the lighting industry, we have in-depth knowledge of LED Lighting and LED products.


Our standard LED lighting products include:


  • LED luminaries

  • Architectural LED lighting

  • Recessed LED Lighting

  • Designer LED Downlights

  • LED ceiling lights

  • LED wall lights

  • LED pendant lights

  • LED furniture lights

Additionally, we sell:



  • LED reading lights

  • LED task lights

  • LED miniature display lighting

Energy Efficiency with our LED Lighting Products


LED lighting products are significantly kinder to the environment. Here at Weselllight, we are proud to have LED lighting products with an energy rating of A++, which includes the products in our GU10 range. Even more impressively, we also provide products with an energy rating of  A+++, with products including our range of BB Brand LED recessed lights. This rating indicates that the lighting product is the most energy efficient possible with very high lumens per watt.


High CRI LED Lighting Products


High CRI LED lights are LED lighting products that are highly desirable for many. This is because high CRI LED lighting produces more faithful reproductions of colours, due to it having a higher colour rendering index (or CRI). The CRI of a lightbulb is rated from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best at creating quality representations. LED lighting with a CRI of 85 and above is recognised as being good with 95 CRI being excellent and suitable for art gallery standard.


Weselllight is pleased to sell LED lighting products with a CRI rating of 80 and higher. This means that when you choose your lighting from us, you’re getting a product that is really good value for money. We can also offer our LED lighting products with a 90 CRI for you.


GU10 LED Downlights


We manufacture a number of different. We also manufacture some GU10 LED downlight options saving initial capital outlay and of interest to property developers and spec builders. This type of LED lighting has the advantage of being able to appear more streamlined in a space, as the light is sunk into the ceiling. This can be especially well-suited in a space where there is limited room. Having GU10 LED Downlights can make the room feel bigger, whilst also providing good quality light. The different colours and finishes of these LED lighting products helps to make the choosing of them an even better decision. With each bulb’s specifications and speciality being different, you’re likely to find a good fit for your needs.


Dim to Warm LED Downlights


BB Light offers 12 Watt Tune-able White Fixed Anti Glare LED Downlights, with their performance comparable to an incandescent light. The variable white light is adjustable by using one of BB Light’s LED drivers. With this, you are able to create the type of lighting and atmosphere that you want, whenever you want it. You’ll never again have to be stuck with too-harsh light in the mornings, or barely-there light in the evenings, making this type of LED lighting product a perfect choice if you want white colour control and dimming that can mimic circadian rhythm.



Accessories for LED Lighting Products


Not only do we provide LED lights themselves, but we also sell accessories for LED lighting products. We do this as we want to make sure that our customers are happy with the comprehensive range of LED lighting products that we stock. We’re always listening to our customers, so when they want something, we aim to come back to them with satisfactory solutions. This includes LED Drivers and DIMMING LED Drivers.



Use BB Light for your LED Lighting Products


Hopefully, we’ve given you some insight into just some of Weselllight's brilliant LED lighting products. Our LED lights are sure to help you see better, whilst the LED bulbs themselves are better for the environment and are amazingly cost-effective.


BB Brand has been trusted by many when searching for the perfect LED lighting products, so let us become your go-to supplier for any of your LED lighting needs. With our skillful craftsmanship helping to create some the best lighting, and great prices make our products accessible for all, we know we can supply you with some great LED lighting products.


View our range of LED light products online, and if you need any advice or assistance, a member of BB Light’s friendly team will be more than happy to help. Just get in touch today.