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What an LED lighting supplier does

We’ve covered the work of an LED lighting manufacturer here, but what about the role of an LED lighting supplier? At BB Light, we are both an LED lighting manufacturer and an LED lighting supplier; we consistently create quality products and then pass these on to you. 

A number of new LED lighting suppliers have popped up over the years, but not all have been as successful as BB Light. BB Light differ from some other suppliers as we not only supply our customers with the best lighting products we possibly can, but we fully understand the technology behind LED lighting. We are involved with the design and manufacturing side of things, as well as the retail and customer service side. BB Light knows all about processes across the supply chain and we apply our knowledge of the industry to all that we do. This in turn, gives our customers the best results. 

The hours of work that go on behind the scenes with our product development demonstrates just how important we think getting the right type of light is. We practice great care and attention to detail when it comes to our lights, resulting in the final pieces being functional and stylish. We are dedicated to providing only the best LED solutions and only sell products that meet our exacting standards. 


Expertise of an LED lighting supplier

We distribute some of the very best products to our customers and are able to do this as we have honed our craft and developed our experience over the years. We have unrivalled knowledge about the products we provide are able to assist you just when you need it. This has contributed to us becoming true lighting specialists that offer people throughout the UK the LED lighting they require.

Any LED lighting supplier should be confident that they are providing their customers with the right lights to suit their needs. If extra advice is needed, an LED lighting supplier should be able to provide it. BB Light believes this is not just a basic part of customer service, but this is also important for health and safety. Knowing how products should and shouldn’t be used, as well as explaining when and why they are suitable is vital. 

The expertise of an LED lighting supplier is sometimes needed to help a consumer make the right decision. The range of lighting options out there can be overwhelming, and so BB Light offer personalised support to any customer that isn’t sure about which light fitting they should choose.

We supply:

  • Decorative lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting

Additionally, our LED lighting can be used just about anywhere you can think of. Their use includes (though is not limited to) areas such as:

  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms

Furthermore, the physical, biological, and psychological effects of light (and the right type of light) are so important. This is why we stock systems such as the SunLike LED. We recognise the positive effects that the light can have in regards to sleep quality and circadian rhythms, and can vouch for the quality of this light to our customers.


The LED lighting industry 

LED lighting has been on the rise, with an increasing number of people realising that the lighting could be right for them. One reason for this is that LED lighting produces a reduced amount of heat compared to conventional lights. It is also energy efficient and can come in a range of styles and forms. This includes LED strip lights, which have the option of being unidirectional and are particularly good for kitchen and dining spaces. 

With a rise in people purchasing LED lighting, the important work of an LED lighting supplier has become even more apparent. At BB Light, we have been in the business of supplying LED lighting for a number of years now, and take our responsibility very seriously.


Challenges for LED lighting suppliers

Some LED lighting suppliers have found it hard to cater to the demands of customers and provide them with the types of products they really want.

There are still those who have reservations about LED lighting, believing there are cons that outweigh the pros. However, we believe this is not the case. For those who have reservations about the cost, we note that as this type of lighting has become more common (through an increase in consumer demand) the cost for LED lighting has been reduced. We also think that it’s important to point out that purchasing any type of LED lighting actually makes good financial sense, as the bulbs have a longer lifespan than others, ours can even last forever!

In addition to this, LED lighting is an extremely good alternative to other energy efficient bulbs, such as incandescent and halogen bulbs. 


Contact us for LED lighting 

BB Light design, stock, and distribute great LED lighting. We have continued our work as an LED lighting supplier as we recognise the importance of people being able to get the lighting solutions they need. We put an extreme amount of effort into the work we do and always want this to come across to the customers who encounter our products. We are also happy to give any guidance where it is needed.

If you would like BB Light’s help in getting your next LED light, you can browse our products here. With the expertise of BB Light as your LED lighting supplier, why not enquire about your options today?

Contact us by emailing us through our online form or call +44 (0) 20 3327 0385.