LED Lights: History and Features of our Products

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LED lights can be bought from a number of different manufacturers, but choosing BB Light means that you receive lighting that showcases some of the very best of modern British manufacturing.

All of our products are purposefully designed so that users get the most out of the end product. Our lights and accessories are also precisely manufactured so that they continue to meet our exacting high standards. By making our specialism LED lighting, we have become true professionals in the lighting industry.


Our history with LED lights

Ian Bibby, the founder and director of BB Light, has a long history of involvement with LED lighting. He was previously the managing director of GIGB Lighting and even oversaw the establishment of a lighting factory.  

Additionally, Ian Bibby has been involved in creating lighting solutions for:

  • Heathrow Airport
  • The Eden Project
  • Bell Street Gallery
  • Maidstone Museum
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Taunton Castle Hotel 
  • Bristol Royal Hospital for Children


Due to the success of BB Light’s lighting installations in large commercial projects, our lights are also trusted as a go-to solution for domestic lighting. So whether you are seekingLED lighting for your home or garden or for a commercial project, we probably make the lighting you need. 


LED lights with specialised features

Although there are some things that are standard across our product range (such as our endeavour to always use quality components), we are also ready and willing to cater to specific customer needs.

Some of our LED lights have the benefits of:

  • Being anti-glare
  • Being dimmable 
  • Having fire rated collars
  • Being designed with heat sinks for efficient cooling
  • Energy Ratings of A+++
  • Tuneable colour temperatures


LED lights that last longer

Our lights can last for years without the brightness or quality of the light being reduced. With this assurance, you won’t have to worry about your lights suddenly cutting out or having to frequently spend time replacing bulbs!


Using long-lasting LED lights is particularly handy for lighting installations that are more difficult to reach. Additionally, if you have limited mobility, it is reassuring to know that your lights are designed to last for a long time. 


Furthermore as BBLight LED lights last longer, they actually save you money! Even when considering the higher initial cost for an LED product, BBLight LED lights are still a smart and cost-effective solution when compared to LED bulbs.


Choose your LED lights

Choosing your lights will depend on where your lights will be used and the type of effect you want to create. That’s why we have lots of different lighting options that look good, work effectively, and are sold at a fair and reasonable price point.

You may want to consider some of these LED lights:

  • LED Desk Lamp: In our effort to be an increasingly environmentally conscious company, the Lucas Floor and Desk lamp is manufactured from both recycled and new materials. This beautifully designed lamp is aesthetically pleasing with polished chrome plates and coloured parts.


  • Reading Light: The BB Micro Floor Standing Lamp is a great floor standing reading lamp. Add it into an office space or choose it for a living room reading nook.


  • Trimless Light: With this Square Trimless LED lights, you can choose the type of white you want and even select the beam angle (20, 40, or 60 degrees). These lights also come with dimming capabilities. We also offer a Round Trimlessversion in either black or white. It can be used as bar lighting or is great over a kitchen island or dining table. 


  • Bed Head Light: Our Isigoni Cone Bed head light is great for… It also comes in grey, black, pink and white. The flexi stem means that you can adjust the lamp so that it shines the light in the direction you want it. It has a shallow mounting box which makes it unobtrusive, and is great for reading at night or winding down before sleep!


We have numerous lights for you to choose from. However, we encourage you to speak to us if you are not sure which of our options is best for you.

If our lights do not quite meet your specifications, we are also able to craft bespoke lighting. We discuss what you want and use our knowledge to create customised solutions.


As leaders in the independent UK lighting industry, we take the time to truly develop the best lights. We put our customers first and are proud to operate with the utmost integrity so that our designs do not compromise on quality. 

With our love of LED technology and experience in the lighting industry, we continue to create LED lights that meet a wide range of customer requirements. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Call us on 0044 (0)203 327 0385 or email us through our online form.

We would love to hear from you.