Shedding Light on LED Lighting

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Maybe you’re looking to buy the best LED lighting or become more knowledgeable about LED lighting. Or perhaps you have simply been keeping up with our recent blogs and have happened to enjoy learning more. Whatever the case, we know that there are so many things about LED lighting that so many people are not aware of. That’s why BB Light are here to shed a little more light on the topic of LED lighting. 


A bit of background on LED Lighting 

As you may have read in one of our previous blog posts, LED stands for light-emitting diode. Although they have become more popular recently, the first LED light was actually created in the 1960s. The British H.J. Round and the Russian Oleg Losev made discoveries and advancements that contributed to the LED’s development. However, Professor Nick Holonyak of Illinois was the first to create an actual LED light.


LED lighting today

Since then, this electrical type of lighting that has evolved further thanks to progress in LED technology. Today, LED lighting is a highly advanced type of light system and has become the preference of the eco-conscious, as well as many other consumers in general. 

LED technology is seeing the advance of SunLike LED with very high colour rendition and this entering the fields of human centric and circadian rhythm rapidly as the advantages for health are becoming known.


The simplicity of LED lighting

LED lighting is straightforward to install. We have seen time and time again how easy it is to put LED lighting in place. Furthermore, as LED lighting is low maintenance and long-lasting, it will create significant savings over time.


The safety of LED lighting

LED lighting does not have the higher temperatures associated with conventional bulbs and therefore LED lights are a good choice for all kinds of places, but especially in where there is a concern for health and safety. For example, a child’s bedroom or play area could really benefit from LED light as the bulb is not hot to touch and does not shatter easily.


The style of LED lighting

LED lighting has come a long way since it was first made available and there has been no better time to try it out than now!


There are a range of great colours, brightness levels, and temperatures for LED lighting. This versatility means that there’s no reason for thinking that you can’t get an LED light that will suit your space and needs. From bright white light to warm amber colour temperatures, LED lighting can help you to create the atmosphere you desire.


In addition to this, LED lighting can also come in a range of fittings and lighting types. BB Light know that we all have our own personal tastes, and this extends to lighting, too! So if you’re worried that you won’t be able to find a stylish piece of LED lighting, just browse the BB Light website and see some of the options we have to offer.


The specifications of LED lighting

Like any type of lighting, reading the labels on boxes for LED lights is always recommended. If browsing online, make sure to read a light’s specifications, too. If you’re not sure about the specifications of the LED Lighting you are choosing or you can’t be sure that it will be a good fit for your space talk to BB Light.


Get in touch for LED Lighting

If you’re curious about our LED light fittings, you can see our extensive range on our website. Don’t forget that if you want a little more help and guidance, the friendly BB Light team are always happy to advise. Alternatively, if you still have some reservations about how effective LED lighting could be for you, we can also show you some of our most well-loved lighting options, that have seen people move away from more traditional (and energy-draining) types of light and onto this modern solution which will reduce your carbon footprint and advance your energy savings.


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We hope to find the best LED lighting for you.