BB Brand History and Journey - from an LED Lighting Supplier

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BB Brand, LED lighting supplier and manufacturer was created in January 2018 and is an abbreviated version of the name "BIBBY" BB Brand. BB Brand is a registered trademark. Some of its products are available through Other BB Brand products are available through stockists appointed by BB Light Ltd

Ian Bibby is the owner and Director of BBLight Ltd, an innovative LED lighting supplier. The Company creates lighting products. Ian Bibby has extensive experience of LED technology and the design of luminaires and lighting products.

Ian Bibby probably created the first ever white light LED installation in the UK at the entrance to terminals 1, 2 and 3 of Heathrow Airport in 1997. At that time Ian had already moved into manufacturing and had discovered Nichia T bar 5mm white light LED's which he procured directly from Japan before they were truly available commercially in the UK.

In 1992 with his wife Madeleine they had relocated their business known as GIGB Lighting to Falmouth in Cornwall where they established a factory and showroom in Penryn. Many lighting projects were implemented and carried out including The Eden Project, Falmouth Maritime Museum, Maidstone Museum, Bell Street Gallery in London, Liverpool Cathedral, Swimbridge Church, Mylor Church, Castle Hotel Taunton, Bristol Children's Hospital, The New Bodmin Hospital along with many hundreds of other private projects and Art related installations. throughout the UK and around the world.


BB Brand: Lighting Supplier

In the 1980's Ian had a lighting showroom in Radlett Hertfordshire known as Light Fantastic which rapidly grew into a new factory in Welwyn Garden City.

Ian trained as a Fine Artist and was awarded a First Class Hons Degree in Sculpture and Ceramics. He also won a Queens Award and was formerly Principal Lecturer and Lecturer at Crawford School of Art and Sheffield and Hallam University. Many other achievements and publications have followed in both the lighting, Art and Commercial areas.


More recent history

In 2008 the business GIGB was merged with a business in North London. It was merged with the intention of growing a significant brand in the UK lighting industry. This foundered after four years of hard work when it became apparent that designs were being compromised and Ian resigned from the business and started again, creating a new brand.

In October 2017 this brand and the assets of the business were purchased by a Company in Scotland. The idea was to retire to making unique "one off" lighting and art pieces. Prior to the sale new tooling had already been commenced for the next generation of downlight product and to take advantage of further advances in chip on board LED technology.


The Birth of BB Brand!

Over the coming months, various new products will be added to this site some of which will be an exciting departure embodying new concepts and technology yet again. Our work as an LED lighting supplier continues.