Reading Light

Posted by LEDZ 27/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Well designed LED reading lamp by Ian Bibby.

Checklist. A reading lamp should have all of the following attributes. All these pointers were considered in detail in creating the Isigoni BB MICRO Floor and desk lamps.

1. Use latest LED technology for most efficient light output with good colour temperature and very best colour rendering with lenses developed to give best beam angles and avoid unwanted lightspill.

2. Have extensive and easy adjustability. Be cool to touch and adjust while running with no lamps to replace avoiding later maintenance costs.

3. Be really unobtrusive and easy to use and stand in any space.

4. Have simple and elegant design with well made quality components.

5. Easy to switch and control with neat comnpact plug connection to UK socket outlet.

6. A performance that makes reading and seeing a pleasure.

7. Be affordable and of British Design and manufacture.

Reading and working at close quarters should be a pleasure and involve no strain. So often it is made difficult by inadequate equipment and often deteriorating eye sight.