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Cast your mind back to the time when we thought that switching lights on and off by clapping your hands was so high-tech and cutting-edge, we were all enthralled by the novelty!

Nowadays we have the modern version of 'The Clapper' where we can simply use our smartphones to control our home heating and lighting. Quite mind-blowing when you think about it!

While adjusting your lighting with your smartphone may be easy, choosing the right type of lighting for your needs isn't such a simple task.

Everyone these days is turning their attention to installing new lighting solutions in their homes, whether they are in a new-build home, house renovation, kitchen extension or a bathroom refit.

The growing demand for LED lights has also brought the search for a trusted LED light manufacturer into the spotlight – excuse the pun!

There are plenty of reasons why LED lighting has taken off in popularity in recent years. Not only is LED lighting more favourable for energy-conscious consumers, but this form of lighting is far more eco-friendly than the more traditional alternatives available.


The benefits of using LED lighting

There are a whole host of benefits for switching to LED lighting for the home, for office buildings, hotels and leisure facilities. These include:

  • Bright and consistent illumination
  • Energy-efficient lighting solution
  • Longer lifespan when compared to other lighting options
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Economical for domestic and business users
  • LED is most environmentally-friendly


LED lights do not contain any harmful elements and LED emit less heat when in use. Additionally, they have low greenhouse emissions both in use and in their manufacture.

When you add these positive elements to the fact that LED lighting requires much less energy to function when compared to other forms of lighting, you can see why it is the number one lighting choice for those looking to keep their energy consumption low and keep their electricity bills down.


Choosing the right LED light manufacturer

So, now that you understand the many benefits of switching to LED lighting, you now need to choose the right LED light manufacturer to source your products.

The lighting industry is no different from any other manufacturing and retail sector. The industry has seen plenty of infiltration from cheap lighting goods flooding the marketplace and plenty of dodgy counterfeit products that try to fool consumers into thinking they are getting a bargain.

However, people are becoming wise to the fact that cheap prices don't equal good value for money. Many cheaper imports have a reputation for underperforming and not delivering on the performance that authentic, quality-built LED lighting promises.

Luckily, BB Light can cater to your needs with our range of compact efficient, quality lighting solutions and can deliver the lighting style that you want at affordable prices! Our range of  LED Lighting Products include:

  • LED Luminaires
  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Furniture lights

You need to consider the price of the LED bulbs when selecting the best light design for your home. The LED solution and price will vary according to your lighting needs, but it is always advisable to seek out expert advice before you go ahead and buy any LED lighting solution for your home.

We would highly recommend that youspeak to our friendly team at BB Light about your lighting plans so that we can offer you our advice and make cost-effective suggestions about how to light your home with LED lighting.


Why choose BB Light?

The customer service offered by most LED light manufacturers is usually left wanting. We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service and support. We believe that it is not only the quality of products being offered that is important, it is also the service you receive!

With BB Light you will get a swift service that is open to listening to your opinions and desires. We will be here to assist and guide you in making the right choice of LED lighting that best suits your needs. We are not interested in selling you something that you don't need and will not appreciate.

While many LED light manufacturers will package their products to appeal to a broad market, we at BB Light prefer to take the individual approach. Whether you are concerned with aesthetics or energy-consumption, we will be able to tell you the number of lumens per watt to determine how much lighting you will get for each watt of electricity.


So no matter whether you are looking for stylish up-lights, pendant lights or dim to warm LED downlights that project a gentle, white light, that can be warmed or cooled to your liking, we will have the perfect solution for you.

"BB Brand" is a registered trademark applied to products designed and manufactured and which are available from ourselves or our stockists. All of our bespoke interior and architectural  LED lighting designs and products meet with all current British safety standards and regulations.

If you are looking for something truly special, we take on bespoke design commissions and 'one-off' pieces for customers. You can talk to us about your ideas by calling us on 0203 327 0385 or by email to