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Lighting sales in the UK have grown by 3% in the past five years … it’s a measure of how much we’ve become a nation of designers. Home decor is 7.8% of our Pinterest activity, that’s less than 1% behind women’s clothing! But all too often our design features are let down by the lighting we use to illuminate them.


Good looks deserve great lighting

Gone are the days when we had a ceiling rose and a standard lamp in the corner of the room. Today there’s a bewildering array of lighting options but the downlighter has become a consistently popular choice for several reasons:

  • Elegant yet discreet lighting option
  • Range of colour temperatures
  • Ability to direct light to key decor features.


So why do downlights so often disappoint?

Poor design is the main reason. A downlight is a simple concept but it’s a complex structure. The best are adjustable, offer dimmability, a range of beam angles and colour temperatures and superb colour rendition. They should be easy to install, straightforward to maintain and provide excellent lighting qualities without glare. Sadly, this isn’t the experience that many interior designers and home decorators get from the downlights they invest in. Mass-produced downlights are as cheap as chips and perform just about as well!


Design-led downlights from BB Lighting

Ian Bibby, founder and creative director of BB Light has decades of experience in creating lightscapes for home, commercial and art installation use. He decided to turn his attention to creating LED lighting for retail sale, where he knew designers, architects and homeowners were consistently let down by the quality of lights they install.


His philosophy is that good looks can apply to the lighting itself, not just to the end result - and the BB Light downlight is a perfect example of this philosophy in action. It offers:

  • Superb bezel design for ease of installation and adjustment
  • Anti glare features
  • Complete adjustability
  • High-performance dimmability
  • A range of beam angles
  • Chose of colour temperature
  • Excellent and consistent colour rendition.

Above all this downlight is easy to install and safe in use. BB Light has brought not only decades of design experience to this product but also worked with the input of designers and architects to explore the limitations of current downlights.


Choosing lighting that accentuates your design

For home-owners, just as much as for architects and interior designers, it’s a desperate disappointment when their carefully selecting lighting options don’t measure up to their decor. To avoid buyer remorse when choosing downlights, we recommend always choosing design-led options such as the BB Light downlights. That way, your decor will always shine!

Ian Bibby