Mobile Circadian Task Light Journi

Mobile Circadian Task Light Journi
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JOURNI Circadian LED task Light. Portable, sleek, and very LOW profile. Journi allows you to easily change from the warm sleep-enhancing spectrum of Goodnight to the alertness and focus enhancing spectrum for daytime.

This versatile luminaire will help you to effortlessly bring energy-efficient circadian lighting to any area of your home, school or office. This LED technology promotes healthy Circadian rythm and reduces substantially the harmful blue light typically found in higher colour temperatures of fluorescent and LED light.

High quality crisp light with very high CRI in any mode. The lamp uses high powered lithium ion battery so it's ready whenever you are.

Dual-spectrum technology provides the perfect healthy light any time of the day by way of simple touch control and DIMMING to vary intensity to suit your local task needs.

Manufactured from Aluminium, matte anodised and mirror front with fold flat rigid leather support, 

GIFT BOXED with instructions and USB lead. We have available an international 5V Plug with USB socket if required.


Light Source is LED

Light Output Mode, Night, Afternoon, Day

CRI 90

Melanopic/Photopic (M/P) Ratio 0.30

Battery Powered

Input DC 5V-1A

Input Port Micro USB Micro USB to USB Lead supplied

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