LED Components & Accessories

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GE/Tungsram GU10 6 Watt LED lamp 3000K 90CRIDimmable with Good Quality LED Dimmer such as our&nb..
£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20
NEW. Intelligent LED Dimmer White Plate Screwless One Gang One Way/Two Way.BB Designed dimmer pl..
£11.10 Ex Tax: £9.25
BB Intelligent LED Dimmer Two Gang  One Way/Two Way White Screwless Plate.BB Designed dimme..
£19.80 Ex Tax: £16.50
BB Brand LED Rotary Push On/Off Intelligent LED Trailing Edge Dimmer Module with knob. Choose f..
£10.32 Ex Tax: £8.60
BB Brand LED Rotary Push On/Off Trailing Edge Dimmer Module without knob.This dimmer module has ..
£9.05 Ex Tax: £7.54
NEW. 0-100% Dimmable LED Driver with settable current options. Compattible with most leading and tra..
£18.96 Ex Tax: £15.80
Miniature PIR Movement Detector for LED and Incandescent loads only 38mm diameter with accurate adju..
£31.92 Ex Tax: £26.60