LED Health

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NEW Circadian Lamp. Sleepy Baby helps support natural sleep cycle for babies, children and the elder..
£18.78 Ex Tax: £15.65
NEW Cleanse Square Recessed Downlight UV sanitising and Illumination.The Cleanse Downlight is a ..
£1,500.00 Ex Tax: £1,250.00
NEW Cleanse Round Recessed Downlight Far-UVC sanitising and Illumination.The Cleanse Downli..
£1,500.00 Ex Tax: £1,250.00
Goodday Human Centric Lamp containing composite light energy optimised to act as natural stimulant w..
£18.78 Ex Tax: £15.65
GOODNIGHT Sleep enhancing LED Light helps to naturally regulate your Circadian rythm. Goodnight allo..
£18.78 Ex Tax: £15.65
JOURNI Circadian LED task Light. Portable, sleek, and very very slim. Journi allows you to easi..
£106.38 Ex Tax: £88.65
PIR Detector for surface ceiling mounting with one output channel and 16 Amp relay normally with clo..
£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00
 PIR Detector for recessed ceiling mounting with one output channel and 16 Amp relay normal..
£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00
NEW Portable Personal Sterilization Device KTB001PSL (Personal Sterilization Lamp) is a signific..
£103.68 Ex Tax: £86.40
NEW Far-UV (UVC) Panel and Air sterilisation treatment Luminaire.We have constructed this panel ..
£1,680.00 Ex Tax: £1,400.00
NEW Fixed 5 Watt White bezel LED Far-UVC Sterlisation Downlight.Unique Design Far-UVC 280 nanome..
£342.00 Ex Tax: £285.00