Portable Sterilization Unit

New Portable Sterilization Unit
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NEW Portable Personal Sterilization Device KTB001 for killing of Covid contamination on your personal possessions or in car. On board safety programme.

PSL (Personal Sterilization Lamp) is a significant development of a  2.5W Watt Ultra Violet Portable Sterilization Light using latest state of the art Far UV (UVC) technology in the range 265-285nm (nano Metres). This type of ultraviolet light is proven to kill in excess of 99% of all known bacteria and airborne virus. A significant aid to protection from Covid 19.

Manufactured from ABS in two colours Black or White. Our Initial Stock and first production is for black. Manufactured to place in cup holders for cars and vehicles for effective sterilization of the cabin area. An additional unit would be recommended for  rear seating area. Unit can be used around the home, in fridge, office desk and boxes to sterilize personal possessions etc.

The unit is designed for safe operation and will treat an area of aproximately 2 metres radius. The soft switch is designed to be pressed for a minimum of three seconds to switch the unit on and then the unit can be left and will operate after 30 seconds. It will then run for fifteen minutes and automatically switch off. KTB001 comes complete with USB cable for recharging of the onboard lithium battery.

Far UV can be damaging to eyes and skin, should not be viewed and or positioned close to yourself for extended periods of time. The unit should not be left with or operated by children.

KTB001 is designed to be used in vacated spaces for short periods of time (15 Minutes) for maximum effectiveness. Typical uses would be:-

In Car, Taxi, Taxi Passenger Compartment, Van Cabs, Lorry Cabs, Office desk areas, Hotel Rooms and enclosed boxes for the treatment of personal possessions such as masks, goggles and personal posessions.




54mm Diameter

100mm High

Manufactured From Injection moulded ABS Plastic

Voltage DC 5V USB with lithium battery capacity 800mAh

Coverage area for effective sterilization two square metres

We are working on larger connect in building units using FAR UV LED such as a downlight and recessed panel luminaire with air circulation units and far UV LED suitable for hospitals, surgeries, care homes and offices.

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