Recessed Panel and UVC Air treatment Luminaire

New Recessed Panel and UVC Air treatment Luminaire
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NEW Far-UV (UVC) Panel and Air sterilisation treatment Luminaire.

We have constructed this panel and air handling unit using new nanometer materials for the diffuser in response to COVID.

The unit purifies air to eliminate airbourne bacteria, virus's and volatile compounds often referred to as TVOC using 405 nanometre Far-UVC

Antibiosis, Antiviral and elimination of Formaldehyde, Benzene, Touline, Xylene and Ammonia in addition to airborne bacteria and virus.

Ideal for any space where light and air purification are required. The lightng unit is independent of the air processing unit which also contains Ultra Violet (UVC) light and processes the air through four layer filter screens composed of non woven fabric, nanometer antiseptic materials and activated carbon layers. The filtration unit can be changed at recommended intervals (2000 hours) and the unit is programmed to advise changeover required by ceasing operation of the filtration unit. The unit is reset when filetr changed over at the service intervals. This does not interupt the lighting element.

Lighting Unit is 36 Watt 3600 Lumens at 4000K RA80

Air Handling 28 Watt processing 240 CFM


598mm x598mm x 120mm 

Lighting Area 465x465mm


AC200-240V/ 50-60Hz

AC90-140V/ 50-60Hz available 

Noise level <40dB Max

FDA, EMC, LVD and SGS Certificated

CE and RoHS





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